๐Ÿ’ก Instructions in this guide are for Xero customers based in Australia.

See this guide for the UK region here.

You are now ready to export your timesheets and employee leave to Xero.

Export Timesheets data to Xero

To export your approved timesheets data to Xero go to Payroll > Xero Payroll.

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Here you can preview the hours and payroll estimates that will be transferred to Xero by using the filters below. Press Preview report to see the data. Note that previewing does not send any data over to Xero.

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Xero organisation: If you have more than one Xero organisation added to your Integration, select the right one from this list.

Pay run: Depending on when you do your payroll, select the right pay period from this list. You have to have a pay run set up in Xero before you can run this report. Create a draft pay run by going to Xero > Payroll > Pay employees. ClickAdd Pay Run > Select a pay period > press Next. Read more about processing a pay run at Xero Central.

Department: Select from the list the right Department that you wish to preview. You can choose from individual departments or select All.

Shifts: Select whether Approved, Non-approved or All shifts should be added to your report.

Employee type: Choose which employees should be part of this report. You can select individual employees from the drop-down list or select them from the Employee type.

Employee group: You can further narrow down the scope of your report by selecting from different Employee groups.

When viewing the preview, you can select individual employees to ensure that their hours are correct. Use the Show details button to see detailed information for each employee.

๐Ÿ’ก See what gets transferred to Xero in this payroll report overview article.

When ready, press Sync report to initiate the transfer of hours process to Xero.

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You should see a progress dialogue showing the sync and a success message when completed. If there are errors in the syncing process, follow the advice given in the error message or read our Xero Integration FAQs article for a resolution.

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Head over to Xero and go to Payroll > Timesheets to see the approved timesheets data sent by Planday. You are ready to process your pay run in Xero! ๐ŸŽ‰

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