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💡 Instructions in this guide are for Xero customers based in the UK.

See this guide for the Australian region here.

Enable Employee Sync with Xero

In this step, we will enable employee data synchronisation between Planday and In this step, we will enable employee data synchronisation between Planday and Xero.

Assuming you have already created employees in either system, this first-time synchronisation would let you combine data of both platforms so any changes in one are reflected in the other. Any subsequent changes to employee data in Planday would be reflected in Xero but not the other way around.

Select the Xero organisation for which you would like to combine employee data with and press edit (✎).

Map Employee Data to a Department in Planday

To create your Xero employees in Planday, you will need to select which Planday Department you would like to send the employee data. You can amend this after finishing the integration set-up by navigating to People > Departments. Press Sync and you will be shown the employees that have the same email in both systems. These employees will be automatically matched in both systems.

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Confirm Matches

Besides automatically mapping employees in both systems, you have the option to add employees created in Planday or Xero to your synchronisation. Some of the employees may need to be added manually if they don't have a matching email address. Press the Add employees button to manually select employees that should be added to the synchronisation.

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How to Add Employees manually

Here you can manually select employees from Planday or Xero and add them to the synchronisation. Some of the employees may appear greyed out as this indicates missing information in the employee data. You can move your mouse pointer over the greyed-out checkbox to see what information is missing and update it in the edit employee section. Press Add.

The following fields must be updated in Planday and Xero for successful employee synchronisation.

First name
Last name
Email address
Tax ID

Confirm synchronisation

Once you have selected the employees you wish to add, press Add to integration to proceed with syncing your employees to each system.

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You will see a confirmation in the integration overview screen of the employees mapped to each Xero Organisation, as well as if there were any issues with the synchronisation.

Create new employees in Planday with an active Xero integration

When you create a new Employee in Planday or edit an existing employee, you can now choose whether or not they should be synced to your Xero integration. Simply select which Xero organisation you would like to add the user to from People > Employees > Select the employee to edit > Employee details > Xero integration.

If you choose to sync the Employee data between Planday and Xero, the following fields will be synced:

First name
Last name
Email address
Tax ID
Address 2

Resolve common errors during Employee Data sync

If you are unable to sync Planday users to your Xero organisation, please ensure that in Xero you have:

  • Setup Banking - via Xero Organisation > Accounting > Bank Accounts > Add Bank Account

  • The organisation’s region is supported by Planday. Currently, Planday only works with Xero organisations in the UK and Australia.

  • Please note that special characters and numbers in the name such as æ, ø, å, ü are not currently accepted by Xero. So if you have these special characters as part of your name or address fields, they would need to be changed to their equivalent standard alphabets.

  • You might encounter sync errors if any of the following information in employee data is missing:

    • First and Last name

    • Email address

    • Gender

    • Address

    • Tax ID

    • Birthday

⚠️ Make sure you don't archive the gender field for employee sync to work.

  • You can update the missing employee’s information by going to People > Employees section.

After fixing any missing information, return to the Integrations page and synchronise again. If you do not wish to sync an employee, you can ignore the warnings and continue.

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