Xero integration UK: Step 3. Setup Payroll data synchronisation

Setup payroll by matching Planday Salary codes to your Xero organization's Earning rates or Leave types for UK

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⚠️ Instructions in this article are outdated. Follow these links to set up your Xero integration:

Assuming your Employee synchronisation is done, the next step in setting up your Xero integrations is enabling Payroll synchronisation.

Payroll Sync Overview

To synchronise and map your Xero pay items to Planday, make sure to enable:

☑️ Sync payroll data from Planday to Xero, when active.

This setting will allow you to send your hourly employee’s worked hours to Xero. Select the organisation for which you would like to sync your payroll data by pressing its name or by clicking the edit icon.

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Set up Xero Earning rates & Leave types

Step 1 of 2: Map your Xero Earning rates to Planday

If you have a UK based organisation, you will need to manually map your Xero earning rates to Planday using Salary codes. Press Add mapping to manually add your Xero earning rates and map them to Planday using Salary codes.

Press Next to configure Leave types.

Step 2 of 2: Map your Leave types and set up Shift types to handle vacation

💡Please, note that leave type synchronisation is only currently available for UK Xero organisations.

Press Add mapping to manually add your Xero leave rates and map them to Planday using Salary codes (see the section on Set Salary codes on Shift types to report sick, absence, overtime).

This is the same process as you previously did for your Earning rates: add the applicable Salary code to the Leave type.


Please, note that Planday will handle the request and scheduling of holidays whereas Xero will handle the payment and balance of holidays.

Planday will only send the date range of holidays taken to Xero, as we currently cannot send hours/days of holidays or the monetary value, therefore any payment or balances will be managed from within Xero. For any questions on how to add absence in Xero please contact the Xero support team or your Account Manager at Xero.

Once you have selected the existing Xero earning rates and leave types that you wish to add to Planday so you can manually map them, press Save.

As a final step, press Save and then Activate to enable your integration and make it available for Payroll.

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You can see the status of activated integration in your portal. You should have the option to export to Xero under Payroll > Xero Payroll (Refresh your page if you don’t see the updated menu option).

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