In Planday, your business is structured into Departments, Employee groups, Sections, Positions, Shifts, and Shift types.

  1. Department: A place of work. This is generally the physical location of your business.

  2. Employee group: What an employee works as (e.g. a function or role).

  3. Section: A label for a selection of Positions. Sections allow you to easily view all Positions under a particular Section label.

  4. Position: A label that explains more about what an employee will be responsible for during their shift (e.g. Waiter tables 1-5).

  5. Shift: When an employee is scheduled to work. 

  6. Shift type: A label for abnormal shifts (e.g. sick, training, off-site meeting).

Additionally, you can use the Skills feature to define the skillsets, expertise, or special abilities that are required for particular shifts. On a shift that has a Skill associated with it, only employees with that skill will be eligible to work the shift. Check out this article to find out more about setting up and working with Skills.

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