The home screen of the desktop, iOS, and Android app version of Planday is where you get the complete overview of your upcoming shifts and tasks. This goes for both managers and employees. What you have access to in your Planday account depends on the permissions you've been given by the Planday account owner.

Take a tour of the desktop Dashboard

  1. Pending actions: Managers get a full overview of what's awaiting approval on their side.
  • Swap request: When employees put in swap requests, it is passed on to a manager for approval
  • Shift request: When employees request open shifts, managers get a notification so they can assign an employee to the shift
  • Punch Clock entries: Clocked times awaiting approval by a manager are shown here
  • Vacation requests: If vacation accounts are enabled, pending requests will show here

2. Upcoming shifts: The number of upcoming shifts you have in the selected month.

3. Open shifts: Shows you the number of open shifts available for you to requests. You're only shown shifts that don't conflict with your existing schedule.

4. Pending approval: When colleagues want to swap a shift with you, it'll show up here for your approval. After you've accepted the request, it'll by default be passed on to a manager for final approval.

5. Your inbox: Send messages to individual recipients or to the team. Receive notifications of changes, or requests awaiting your attention.

6. Your profile: Edit your information and set your email notification setting.

7. Shifts on the calendar: The days you have shifts are shown with a grey dot, while red dots indicate days with open shifts you can request.

8. Awaiting approval: The hour glass is for when you're awaiting approval for your requests. It can be a request for an open shift, or a shift swap with a colleague. Nothing changes on the schedule unless a manager approves it.

9. News feed: Managers will post news and updates in Planday to save you from checking a bulletin board or other news sources, helping keep everyone on the same page.

10. Events: Post invitations to company events, training etc. Enable or disable attendance depending on the event.

The Dashboard in the mobile apps

The Dashboard in the app shows much of the same information as when you log in from your desktop computer. 

From the app you can also clock in and out, if that has been enabled for your Planday account.

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