In this article, we'll walk through the basics of creating, copying, moving, and deleting shifts in the Schedule. 

Create shifts

To create a shift, click on the Schedule where you want to create the shift. Shifts can be created from any one of the three views: Groups, Employees, and Positions.

Move shifts with drag and drop

To move a shift, simply drag and drop it to wherever you want. This feature is especially useful if you are assigning Open shifts from the Employees view. Just drag an Open shift and drop it to assign it to an employee.

Copy shifts

If you have the same shift on multiple days, copy the shift using ALT/Option (Mac) or ALT (Windows) and place a copy of the shift wherever you need it.

Delete shifts

Shifts can be deleted individually, or you can bulk delete all shifts in a single week.

  • Delete a single shift: Click the shift, then click Delete at the bottom of the dialog box. 

  • Delete all shifts in a week: Go to Tools in the top right corner and select Delete this week.

Edit Multiple Shifts at once

You also have the option to edit multiple shifts at once without having to open and close each individual shift, or also easily deleting and approving shifts directly from the schedule view. You can do so in all views - employee, group and positions views.

Editing multiple shifts

This option allows you to select the shifts that you would like to edit and changing the times of these shifts, or to change the shift type. This is a good option if you want to quickly tag training or sick leave, for example. Please note that you only have the possibility to select one shift type and one time for all edited shifts.

Deleting and Approving

Removing or approving allows you to do both things directly from the main schedule view by selecting any shift you want. When deleting shifts this way, you’ll be given the option to message the employees and inform them of the change.

Create, move, copy, and delete shifts in the Templates editor

The Template editor works the same way as the Schedule. You can create, move, and copy shifts in exactly the same way by going to Schedule > Templates. 

To delete a full week in a template select the trash can icon of the week you want to delete. 

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