Positions and Sections allow you to organise and customise your own personal schedule. They also provide extra information to your employees, on specific tasks or roles they will be fulfilling with every shifts.

This guide will walk you through creating, editing, and working with Positions and Sections in the Schedule. To begin, note that there are three different view options for your schedule: Employees, Groups, and Positions.

The Positions view enables you to split up an Employee group into Sections and Positions, providing you and your employees with better information in the Schedule.

For an overview of how Departments, Employee groups, and Positions work together, read more about the desktop Schedule as a whole here.

How the Positions view works

If you run a chain of restaurants, you might have one Department for each location, with employees organised into Employee groups based on their roles. (e.g. Hosts, Bartenders, Waiters).

Positions let you:

  • Label shifts based on the responsibilities that the shift comes with.

  • Easily allocate your Employee groups across the different areas of your business where you need them.

  • Ensure all areas of your business are staffed adequately. 

Each Position's name is shown in the Schedule for both managers and employees. Each Position is assigned to one Employee group. You can create multiple Positions per Employee group.

In the image below you can see the section Kitchen, Floor 2 with two positions, Cook Station 1 and Cook Station 2. Each position is assigned to the Employee group Chef. If you are using the Skills feature you can also add these to the position, giving you a granular overview on each role that you need to fill in the schedule.

Manage Positions and Sections

Select Manage Positions and Sections to open its window to the right of the screen. From here you can create new positions and sections, edit or copy them by hovering over them and selecting the corresponding icons, or drag and drop them to rearrange their order in the schedule.

A Section is a label used to organise a selection of your positions. Each section also displays total expected hours and costs for the positions in the section, alongside a total shift count. When you create a position you can assign it to a section. To move a position after you've created it, simply drag and drop it into the relevant section. 

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