How does the calendar synchronisation work?

The Planday app for Android now offers a calendar sync url, so you can set your work schedule to be displayed alongside your personal schedule in your calendar of choice. 

Set up calendar synchronisation

To synchronise your shifts with a calendar, first log into the Planday app for Android then follow these steps:

  • Go to Account > Settings & Privacy > Settings.

  • Tap the Sync with calendar option to toggle it on.

  • You will be shown the unique calendar sync url for your Planday account, tap Copy. 

Depending on your calendar of choice, the next step may require you to use a computer to input the calendar sync url into your calendar. If you are having trouble finding this option in your calendar, it may be worthwhile seeking help documentation for the calendar software that you are using.

While it may be possible to complete this step via the use of third party applications on mobile, Planday does not currently endorse the use of these applications, and doing so is at your own risk.

Google Calendar

As an example we will add our Planday shifts to our Google Calendar using this calendar url. First, we copy the url shown in our Planday app above. Next, we need to open Google Calendar on our computer, in this case a MacBook. There are several methods that we can use to send our calendar url from phone to desktop, such as a messaging app, by mail, or by copying it manually. In Google Calendar just above My Calendars we click the + button, then select the option From URL.

Now we can copy our url directly into the URL of calendar field.

With this step complete, our Planday shifts will now be displayed in our Google Calendar.

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