Employee groups allow you to define your employee's roles in Planday, while Positions and Sections allow you to differentiate subsets of these employee groups and where they will work in your schedule. With Skills you can define the skillsets, expertise, or special abilities that are required for particular shifts. On a shift that has a Skill associated with it, only employees with that skill will be eligible to work the shift. 

Setting up Skills

Go to Settings > People > Skills and select Create.

Please note: If you cannot see Skills we will need to enable this option for you. Please contact our support team.

Assign the skill to employees by selecting the people icon. You can also assign skills to employees directly from the People section.

Next, add the skill(s) to a position in the schedule.

To use Skills, you will need to have set up positions. To find out more about positions, check out this article. Now, when creating shifts in the Positions view, only employees with the correct Employee groups and skills can be assigned to the shift. You can add and remove skills directly when editing a shift.

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