Use Planday's Punch Clock to keep track of employees' punctuality and to approve hours for payroll. In this article we'll show you how to set up Punch Clock using geofencing or approved IP addresses. 

Punch Clock can be made available to the employees through the mobile app, but you can also set it up to only work through a web browser.

If you don't have access to Punch Clock in your Planday account you can contact our support team to have it enabled.

Register IP addresses for access through

For employees to clock in and out through an administrator needs to register the IP address of the network used to access Punch Clock from the workplace:

  • Go to Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access, and click the Add button under Web access.

  • You will see your current IP address, and if you're on the same network your employees will use to clock in and out, this is the address you will add.

  • Add the IP address.

  • Enter a name, e.g. the location employees will clock in and out at.

  • Click Save.

After the IP address is registered, your employees can clock in and out from when connected to the internet via the registered IP address

If you have multiple locations, you can easily add the IP address for each location to ensure employees can clock in and out.

What to do when the IP address isn't recognized

If you can't access, it is most likely due to a change in your dynamic IP address. Your Internet Service Provider will sometimes change your dynamic IP address.

You can add the new IP address by following the steps above when connected to the internet access point used at the workplace.

Punch Clock PIN codes

When punching in and out through a web browser, your employees need to enter their Username and Password. It’s also possible to allow your employees to set their own 4-digit PIN code to quickly log in to Punch Clock through a web browser.
If you want this enabled for your portal, please reach out to our support team by using the chat in your Planday portal (icon in the bottom right corner).

Once Punch Clock PIN codes have been enabled for your portal, you will find a new field where you can set your own PIN code. Go to the editing mode for your own profile by hovering over your name in the top right corner > Edit > Punch Clock PIN.
This can only be done through a web browser and the PIN code can only contain numbers.

Please note: Punch Clock PIN codes are only supported when using Punch Clock through a web browser (registered with an IP address).

Set up geofencing for access through the mobile app

To set up access to Punch Clock from the Planday mobile app using geofencing:

  • Go to Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access.

  • Select Yes for Punch Clock used in mobile app, and check the box for Punch Clock allowed for certain physical locations. 

Select the Add new location button:

  • Search for the address of your location in the search field at the top of the map. You can also click and drag to navigate to where you want.

  • Add the Planday departments you want to give access to from this location.

  • Give the GPS zone a name, and select Save.

Note: When adding a zone, you can adjust the radius of the geofence. We recommend a radius of 100m or more, as in some cases a smaller area may be affected by phone GPS accuracy, and GPS disturbances in the area.

Use IP address limitations for access through the mobile app

When adding an IP address, as shown above, it is also possible to include the IP address as a restriction to use of Punch Clock in the mobile app. This is relevant if your employees can access the internet with the registered IP address from their own phones at the workplace.

Give employees unrestricted access to clocking in and out

If you want to give access to Punch Clock from the mobile app without any restrictions, check the box named Punch Clock allowed everywhere under Mobile App Access.

If your employees are using iOS devices with iOS 14 or later, please let them know that they should enable Precise location access for the Planday App, to be able to punch in (according to your configuration).

Please contact our support team if you have any further questions.

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