To activate the Punch Clock to be used from the web, you must add one or more of your company's IP addresses to Planday. The employees then do not need their smartphones to punch in but can do so from a web browser running on a tablet or computer at the workplace.

Employees must then browse to and continue the punch-in process on the web.

Register your IP address

To register your IP address for Punch Clock web access, go to Settings > Punch Clock > Employee Access> press Add.

Copy the Current IP address into the Add IP field and press Save.

Inactive status means that the IP address is not registered with Planday yet.

Active status means that the IP address is registered and can be used to punch in from

You can give it a name and description to quickly identify the location.

If you need to update the IP address regularly, it may be because your internet service provider (ISP) has set you up with a Dynamic IP Address. You may want to contact your provider and ask them to switch you to a Static IP Address to resolve this. Alternately, you can request to use Activation codes and bypass the use of IP addresses.

💡 If you do not see the Current IP address listed on the page and do not know it, it is possible to look it up. If you are physically present at the location on a computer where the Punch Clock needs to work, you can register the IP address by searching for "what is my IP address" on Google search. Your public IP address will be the first result that appears.

Still have questions? Reach our support team via chat if you need help with this feature.

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