Depending on your country, business sector, or workers’ union, you may have working time rules that must be adhered to. With Planday you can create these rules and enable the system to notify you when your schedule conflicts with them.

To set up Working time rules select Settings > Working time rules > Create.

Common use cases for Working time rules

Maximum Shift Length

No employee should work more than 10 consecutive hours.

Maximum Consecutive Work Days

No employee should work more than 6 consecutive days.

Minimum Weekend Frequency

Waiting staff are guaranteed 2 weekends off in a period of 5 weeks.

Minimum Weekly/Monthly Hours

Baristas are guaranteed a minimum of 28 regular working hours per week. Evening shifts and training do not count towards this.

Minimum Time between Shifts

Management are guaranteed 11 hours off between shifts, but we may break this rule in the case of a paid off-site meeting.

Maximum Hours Per Week

Chefs should not work more than 45 hours a week, not counting time spent in training.

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