Set up the account type

To enable overtime requests, first create an absence type. Select Settings > Absence, Overtime, Vacation > Account types > + Overtime account. Shown below is a set of typical settings for an overtime account:

While the initial value is 0, you can change this value for each employee as required. An automated reset or renewal of the account shouldn’t be applied, so this field is left blank and the box isn’t checked. Create automatically is checked, so an overtime account won’t have to be manually created for each employee.

Allow negative balance is checked in this case. If left unchecked the account will not allow a negative value. For example, if an employee has a balance of 5 days and requests 7 days, the employee cannot apply for vacation in that period as the cost exceeds the balance.

You can limit the account by Department and also by Employee group. Availability groups allow you to limit the usage of certain types of absence accounts before other types are exhausted. Select Save to create your Overtime account type.

Create the overtime accounts

Go to Absence accounts (Under Schedule) > Absence accounts > Overtime account > + Create account (for one employee at a time) or > + Create accounts (to create multiple accounts). Once the account has been created the Start-balance can be adjusted as required.

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