You can create payroll supplements to make automatic adjustments to employees’ hourly rates or salaries based on set criteria. For example, by using a normal supplement, you may want to pay your employees overtime if they are at work for more than 10 hours during the day. You may want to double the pay for your employees on certain holidays using a day-based supplement. Or based on their contract some employees should be allocated a percentage of their hourly rate if they work on the weekends.

Supplement breakdown

First, go to Settings > Payroll > Payroll supplement.

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Press the Create button under Payroll supplement. Several options will be available from the drop-down menu:

Supplement type: Normal Supplement, Week Based Supplement, Day Based Supplement, and Contract rules supplement.

Contract rule: Option applicable when selecting Contract rules supplement. Select which Contract rule the supplement should be applicable to.

Title: Name of the supplement.

Description: Include a description of the supplement. (optional)

Hourly wage:

  • % will mean the supplement will be based on a percentage of the hourly wage of the individual.

  • £ (monetary) will add a set monetary amount to supplemented hours.

  • % (overtime) is used to create time supplements that will add worked time to an overtime account, as well as extra hours based on overtime.

Start type:

  • Hour The supplement is controlled from a start and end time.

  • Relative to Shift will allow you to start the supplement after a certain number of minutes into the shift.
    By choosing the value ‘240’, the supplement starts after the employee’s shift has lasted 240 mins.
    Duration refers to how long the supplement should last in minutes. If you want the supplement to apply to the entire shift beyond the 4 hours, please set the duration to, e.g. 1200 minutes.

Payment period: This is relative to the chosen supplement. See the descriptions below and further examples in this article about basic supplements.

Weekdays: Select what days of the week the supplement should be applicable.

Days from Bank Holiday calendar: Choose specific days from the Bank Holiday calendar in the system.

Valid from/to: When does the supplement come into effect or end.

Partially valid range: Option available when selecting a week-based supplement.

Employee groups: Select which Employee groups are eligible for the supplement.

Employee types: Select which Employee types are eligible for the supplement.

Affects salaried employees: If selected, the supplement will also affect those with a fixed salary rather than an hourly rate. This may not work with percentage-based supplements.

Affected by breaks: If there is a break in the shift, should the break affect the shift time and, therefore the total amount of time being affected by the supplement.

Enforced payment: Enable this to ensure that the supplement is always added to the pay – even though other supplements are present in the same period of the shift.

Allow over midnight: Select if a shift goes over midnight, potentially into a day not selected as being covered by a supplement, should the supplement continue to apply on the hours that fall in the next day after midnight.

Normal supplement

Normal supplements are used when an employee’s pay rate should be adjusted at a certain time of the day, or after a specified amount of hours into a shift. You can set the increase or decrease in pay rate based on a percentage of a wage, or as a set monetary value.

Shown below is an example of a Normal supplement for an Employee group named Administrators. After 8.5 hours Admins should be paid an additional 50% of their normal wage, but only up to a maximum of 3 hours. This supplement is valid for every day of the week except Sundays. It will be valid from the first of January and as it should be an ongoing supplement it has no defined end date. The supplement should not be paid to salaried employees. Should two supplements be applied to an employee at the same time only the higher of the two should be applied, so Enforced payment is unchecked. The supplement shouldn’t be paid during break periods, and shifts that require an employee to work past midnight are allowed. According to these criteria, the setup will look as follows:

💡Please note: if you create a supplement that has a fixed start and it should cover shifts that cross over midnight, you should be aware that it might be added early in the day as well. For example, if you create a supplement rule to be applied from 00:00 to 06:00 and your working days are set from Monday to Friday, you should be aware that the supplement will be applied early Monday (between 00:00-06:00).

Day-based supplement

Day-based supplements are used when employees work more than one shift per day. The day-based supplement will account for all hours worked during the day.

The first payment period refers to the time of the day when the supplement is active. Set this to 00:00-00:00 if you want the supplement to apply throughout the day.
The second payment period defines the threshold after which the supplement kicks in and the maximum application of it.

Shown below is an example of a Day-based supplement to be applied to days in which the employee works more than 9.00 hours between 8:00 and 21:00. A limit of 24 hours applies to this supplement.


Week-based supplement

Week-based supplements are used to apply a supplement after a set number of hours worked in a week.

The first payment period refers to the time of the day when the supplement is active.
The second payment period defines the threshold after which the supplement kicks in and the maximum application of it.

Shown below is an example of a week-based supplement that will apply an additional 50% of an employee’s normal wage after 40 hours have been worked in a single week. This supplement should count hours worked between 08:00 and 21:00, and have a cap of 58 hours, allowing for a total of 18 hours in which this supplement can be active in a single week.


Contract rules supplement

A Contract rules supplement can be applied to all employees that have a specific contract rule to pay them automatically any overtime supplements. For this type of supplement to work, you should already have contract rules set up for different employee types under Settings > Contract rules > Create Contract rule. This governs how many hours an employee should be working and lets you see and compare if they go beyond the contracted hours in the schedule and pay them a supplement. copy.png

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