With Planday you can set up TOIL/Flex/Overtime accounts for Employees, allowing them to view their current balance from Home > My vacation. In order to use this feature the employee should be scheduled according to their contracted hours each day, as the deviations are generated based on scheduled hours.
This feature functions automatically when using Punch Clock, as the system will compare the punch clock entry to the schedule time and if there is a deviation, the system suggests:

  • Shift length not reached. (Undertime)

  • Shift length exceeded. (Overtime)

These deviations, handled by the shift types mentioned above, will then be mapped into their overtime account. This account will fluctuate up and down as their shift is either exceeded or not reached.
For example, if an employee is scheduled to work from 9:00 to 17:00, but stamps 8:00 to 18:00, then the system will automatically detect that there is a 2 hour deviation from their original scheduled time. The deviations in the account will appear as below:

If this is approved, 2 hours will be added to the employee's overtime account. As your payroll period continues these accounts can be allowed to fluctuate as they exceed or fail to meet scheduled time. You can choose to pay out the hours manually at the end of your payroll period.
For more information on time off in lieu, please contact our support team.

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