Before running payroll using data from Planday, there are a few things you should check. We recommend going through the list below. If you have any questions, do get in touch.

Approve hours before generating payroll report

By default, only approved hours are included in payroll reports. Make sure you've approved all Punch Clock entries from Schedule > Punch Clock, and that all shifts that you want to include in the payroll are approved and green on your schedule.

Update employee data in your payroll system with data from Planday

If you update employee data in your payroll system based on data from Planday, you should pull a report with the changes made during the latest payroll period.

  • Go to People > Employees > Tools > Export data.

  • Choose the type Employee changes, and choose the fields you want to check for changes.

  • Include deactivated employees.

  • Select Export data.

The report will include data on new starters, employees where information has been changed, and people who have left the company. This information is useful for keeping everything up to date in the payroll system.

Export the payroll file

Export the payroll file from Payroll > Payroll export. 

  • Select date range.

  • Select who to include.

  • Choose formats based on what setup you have.

  • Select Print report and download the files.

These files will include all the payroll information, and we recommend reviewing them before passing them on to whoever processes payroll. The files will include holiday taken from accrual accounts.

Export vacation report

The last file that might be relevant to include is the vacation report. It can be exported from Schedule > Absence requests.

  • Select Vacation report.

  • Set date range.

  • Uncheck requests and denied vacation.

  • Check Exclude days outside.

  • Print report and download the file.

This will inform whoever processes your payroll about any holiday taken (in hours or days) from non-accrual vacation accounts.

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