Should an Employee receive multiple Payroll supplements at once unintentionally it may be due to one of the following settings:

Forced payment

When Forced payment is enabled for a Payroll supplement, that supplement will always be paid out regardless of the application of other supplements.

Holiday Calendar

If you have selected both Weekdays and Days from the Bank holiday calendar it may result in the supplement being applied twice when there is an overlap. For example, in a holiday calendar January 1st is a bank holiday that falls on a Monday, which has also been selected. The supplement will apply once for the Monday, and once for the bank holiday, applying itself twice.

A payroll supplement’s manually entered hours will take precedence over the bank holiday calendar hours, except in the case that the bank holiday calendar value How many hours is in the day is a higher value.

Automated and Manual Supplement

When using Manual supplements in addition to regular supplements then employees may be paid double if the criteria overlap. Link the manual supplement to a shift type to resolve this.

Weekly-based Supplement

When using Weekly-based supplements and daily supplements at the same time, for example, a daily overtime supplement, you may want to exclude the overtime hours from the weekly supplement count. By linking the daily supplement to a shift type as shown above you can resolve this issue.

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