You can save a lot of time, and reduce the risk of error by pulling complete payroll reports from Planday. But before you start using payroll reports from Planday, we suggest going through the following checklist.

1. Are the Salary identifiers correct?

Navigation: People > Employees > Edit user

Make sure the salary identifier for all employees is correct. You can check/edit the salary identifiers at People > Employees > Edit user. The salary identifier is placed in the Employee details tab.

Salary identifiers, also called payroll IDs, are used to identify each employee in the payroll system. 

The identifier has to be the same in both Planday and the payroll system to ensure each employee get their pay.

2. Any employee changes since last time you did payroll?

Navigation: People > Employees > Tools > Export

If you add or edit employee data in Planday, you can pull a report to check for changes that should be updated in the payroll system as well. 

You can pull a change report from People > Employees > Tools > Export, and be selecting Employee changes under report type.

3. Register salary codes used in your payroll system

Salary codes are used in the payroll system to identify transactions such as normal hours, overtime, or hours with an evening allowance added to them. 

If you do an import to your payroll system based on a file from Planday, each of the transactions in the file is usually associated with a salary code. 

The salary code for normal worked hours can be changed at Settings > Payroll > General > Salary codes

The salary code for supplements can be changed at Settings > Payroll > Payroll supplement > Edit the specific supplement

Salary codes can also be added to shift types from Settings > Schedule > Shift types.

4. Is everything approved in the schedule?

Before you create a payroll report in Planday, we recommend that you check that each shift is correct. You can mark it as 'approved' and generate a report including only approved shifts. When browsing through your schedule, look out for any shifts that have any colour other than green.

Green indicates that the shift is approved.

Go to Schedule and select the tab Visual overview for a faster way to check for approved shifts. There you can easily see when you have unapproved shifts and go to a list of the day's shift by clicking on the date.

Planday offers many other payroll and wage settings - please contact us if you did not find the answer in this article.

When you've gone through the checklist you can pull payroll reports from Payroll > Payroll export. 

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