Guidance for Planday users

Check your inbox and press the confirmation link

If you are unable to log in to Planday your username or password may be incorrect:

  • If you have recently been invited to Planday or if you've changed your username, you should have received a confirmation email from Planday.

    • Please check your email inbox, including the junk mail section if applicable,

    • Press the confirmation link provided. (This link will remain valid for 48 hours. If it has expired, please ask your manager to re-invite you to Planday.)

  • To update your username, please get in touch with your manager. Your username should be a valid email address to receive an activation link.

  • To reset your password follow the steps outlined in this article.

Check the correct Planday URL

If your log-in issue only occurs with the Planday app:

  • Ensure that your company URL follows the format and does not contain https:// If possible log in from:

  • Also make sure that the URL matches the correct country code domain .com or .dk

  • Uninstall and reinstall the Planday app on your mobile device.

Guidance for Planday Admins/Managers

  • If you have recently updated an employee's username, please double-check that it is correct and has no spelling mistakes.

  • It may be due to the user account not having a username in the form of a valid email address. Update the email address by editing the employee's information.

  • The employee has not pressed the confirmation link sent to their email.

Need more help?

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