In Planday you can manage your employees from multiple places. You can create and edit employees from both the People and the Schedule section. And if you're on our mobile app, you can import employees from your contacts.

Creating Employees from People

From People > Employees you'll find Create employee in the top right corner. To edit an employee, simply select their name, make the required changes, and select Save.  

Creating Employees from the Schedule

To create Employees from the Schedule view, select Manage Employees > Create employee.

Creating your Employee

Once you've selected one of these options you will see the employee creation menu, an example of which is shown below:

Please note: The username field is important, and must always be a valid email address. This is the address that the employee's invitation email will be sent to. (You can find out more about updating usernames and the employee confirmation process here.)

Bulk create Employees

If you would like to create more than one employee at a time you can do so by selecting People > Employees > Tools > Bulk create employees.

Here you can insert rows to add multiple employees directly in the interface. You can also select Download template, then follow the format of the Excel document provided to enter the details for your employees. Once complete, you can upload this via the Import option. Select Template data format to view the format needed for Planday to read your employee data.

Editing Employees

To edit an employee from the Schedule hover your cursor above the employees' name and select the pencil icon that appears:

Inviting Multiple Employees

Employees can be invited individually or by Department. Before you can invite employees, please make sure you have registered a valid username in the form of an email address for each employee as they will receive their invite via email.

Go to People > Employees > Tools > Send Logins. Here you can select the Departments you want to invite.

The employees will receive their invites once you select Send.

Inviting employees one at a time

To invite a single employee, edit and save their profile, which will bring you to the invite employee screen. Next, add a welcome message and their contract (if applicable).

New Employee Notifications

In Settings > Notifications you will find the New employee created option. Add Employees to this list if you would like them to receive notifications when a new employee has been created. This may be useful for your management team to keep them up to date with the latest additions to your staff. You can choose to send a Planday message, an SMS, or both.

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