In Planday you can manage your employees from multiple places. You can create and edit employees from both the People and the Schedule sections. And if you're on our mobile app, you can import employees from your contacts.

Create employees from the People section on the web

Go to People > Employees you'll find Create employee button in the top right corner. To edit an employee, simply select their name, make the required changes, and press Save. To make detailed edits to an employee, press the Edit button or the pencil icon when hovering over their name.

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The Create employee screen allows you to add employee details of your new hire.
⚠️ Please note: The username field is important, and must always be a valid email address. This is where the login information will be sent to the employee. (You can find out more about updating usernames and the employee confirmation process here.)

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Create employees from the People section on the Planday app

Go to the Employees section on the Planday app’s People page and click the plus sign in the right corner. You can then either tap the Create employee button or add an employee from your contact list by pressing Import employee.

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Bulk create employees

If you would like to create more than one employee at a time you can do so by going to People > Employees > Tools > Employee import via template.

Here you can insert rows to add multiple employees directly to the interface from one page. Alternately you can choose to download a template and fill in the provided Excel document with details of your employees. Once complete, you can upload this via the Import option. Select template data format to view the format needed for Planday to read your employee data.

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Edit employee details from the People section

There are two ways you can edit the details of an employee in the People section.

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1. Quick edit

Quick edit method allows you to have a quick glance over the employee’s details, add them to departments, add them to Employee groups, and give them additional security permissions. Simply press anywhere on the row to open the quick edit menu.

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2. Full edit

Full edit lets you open up all the attributes related to an employee’s personal information, employment details, leave overview, etc. You can access the full edit by hovering over an employee’s name and pressing the edit icon ✎ from the right or by opening quick edit and pressing the Edit button.

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Edit employee details from the Schedule

To edit an employee from the Schedule hover your cursor above the employee's name and press the edit icon ✎ to open the quick edit menu.

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Invite multiple employees to your Planday portal

Employees can be invited individually or by Department. Before you can invite employees, please make sure you have registered a valid username in the form of an email address for each employee as they will receive their invite via email.

Go to People > Employees > Tools > Send Invitations. Here you can select the Departments you want to invite.

The employees will receive their invites once you press Send as email and you will see an overview of which employees received the invitation.

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Invite a single employee to your Planday portal

To invite a single employee, hover over their name in the employee list and press the Invite employee icon. This will bring you to the invite employee screen where you can compose a welcome message and send a personal invitation to the employee’s email to join Planday.

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Send new employees Notifications

In Settings > Portal settings > Notifications you will find the New employee created option. Add Employees to this list if you would like them to receive notifications when a new employee has been created. This may be useful for your management team to keep them up to date with the latest additions to your staff. You can choose to send a Planday message, an SMS, or both.

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Still have questions? Reach out to our support team via chat if you need help regarding creating or editing employees.

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