Deactivate an Employee's user account

When an Employee leaves your company, you can deactivate their account to prevent any further access to Planday. To deactivate an employee follow these steps:

  • Go to People > Employees.

  • Search for the employee you want to deactivate and click on their name.

  • Under the Employee’s email address, select the trash icon to deactivate the Employee.

  • In the deactivate employee section you can either deactivate the employee immediately or set a a future automatic deactivation date.

  • Then you need to choose whether to set the Employee’s future shifts to open, or leave them assigned to the employee if they will work their remaining future assigned shifts in the Schedule.

  • Finally, you can add a confidential note visible only to HR managers and Admins to document the reason for deactivating the employee.

Please Note: Employees cannot be deactivated on mobile.

Reactivate an Employee's user account

To reactivate an employee, go to People and select the employee. Click the pencil edit icon next to their name and select Reactivate under User information on the left.

Set up notifications for Deactivation

Planday can notify you and selected employees, via in-product message and/or an SMS, should another employee's account be deactivated. Go to Settings > Notifications > Deactivated, then add the required recipients to your list.

Please note: When selecting Add you will be shown a list of all employees. Only employees with the permission to deactivate other employee user accounts (Admin and HR Manager security groups) will be notified of deactivation, even if you add them to this list.

Inactive Employee Account Deletion

In accordance with the right to be forgotten, under certain circumstances, and only on request and approval from a portal admin, the Planday support team may action requests to permanently delete employee accounts.

To delete an employee account, that account must have been inactive for 5+ years at a minimum. This is because data in the Planday portal is used for HR and payroll regulatory reporting by employers.

If an account is inactive for less than 5+ years, an employee firstly needs to contact their admin to see whether data can be removed.

If there is agreement from the portal admin that data can be deleted, then employee data may be permanently deleted, and cannot be retrieved at all.  Data related to the account may also be rendered irretrievable.

We recommend only taking this action when strictly necessary and with due caution, for example an employee will lose all payroll and HR history.

To request an account deletion, please contact your portal admin first, or the Planday Support team.

Automatically delete deactivated Employees

Depending on where your business operates, you may have a legal obligation as an employer to permanently delete information on former employees after their employment has ended. This is also relevant for staying compliant with your employees’ right to be forgotten, according to GDPR legislation. To automatically delete deactivated users from your Planday account, go to Settings > People > General > Auto delete deactivated users, to toggle on the feature and set how many years after deactivation a user should be permanently deleted from your Planday account.

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