Information is valuable and sometimes private. That means you must fine-tune which employee details should be visible throughout your organization.

Prior to December 2019, if the Contact info public was enabled on Planday, employees could see the first name, last name, email, and phone number of their colleagues. With regards to GDPR and privacy rules, now it is possible that:

  • The information displayed can be customized and supplemented by specifying which standard and custom fields should be visible to employees.

  • You can configure these details under Settings > People > Employees if you are a member of the Admin or HR Manager security group.

You can configure those details in Settings > People > Employees, if you are part of the Admin or HR manager Security group. You can see the differences between the permission levels here.

Visibility of an employee to other employees

The visibility of an employee can be enabled or disabled from their details page by going to People > select the employee you wish to edit > Edit ✎. Here you can switch the Contact info public on or off.

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When Contact info public is disabled, that employee will not be visible in the People list for their colleagues (this applies both to the web platform and the Planday app). On the other hand, you - as a manager, will have access to your employees' contact details independent of this setting.

When Contact info public is enabled, at least the First name and Last name will be visible to everyone. You have full visibility control over all the other fields, including emails, phone numbers, birthdays, nicknames and custom fields.

Control which information should be visible to the employees

If the Contact info public is enabled and you wish to display additional fields to the employees, you can control this by going to Settings > People > Employees. Here you can select or unselect which fields, other than first name and last name, should be visible to all employees in your employees including any customs fields.

💡 Please note that this works slightly differently in the mobile app. Here the employees see the phone number and email address of the colleagues regardless of the selected fields (provided that the field "Contact details is public" is activated for the specific employee.

⚠️ If contact details are public is disabled, team members will not be able to see the selected collaborator in the collaborator list. However, if this option is enabled, at least the first name and last name are displayed for everyone. You can fully control the visibility of all other fields: email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, nicknames, and custom fields.

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Add custom fields to your employees' information

If you need something specific to be shown for each employee, you can create your own custom field by going to Settings > People > Employee form setup. Please keep in mind that you can only access this page if you are part of the Admin or HR manager security group. In the Employee form setup, you can edit fields in existing sections, create new fields or add new sections.

Add a new field

If you want to add an extra field in an existing section, all you have to do is press Add field button, when available.

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You can then customize the field with the following options:

  • Name: Title of the custom field

  • Type: Specify the type of information you are trying to collect such as:

    • Text

    • Numeric

    • Drop-down

    • Date

    • True/False

    • Picture

  • Default field value: Here you can specify the value in the field if nothing is filled in.

  • Permissions: Here you can set up various permissions for Admins / HR managers or employees enabling or limiting their ability to interact with this field.

    • Edit employee Setup permissions when editing an employee's records.

    • Create employee Set rules for this field when creating a new employee.

    • Personal settings Specify what level of permissions the employees have while editing their own profile.

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Add a new section

You can also add an entire section by pressing Add section button. This can be useful if you need to add more than one custom field. You can use sections to sort and categorize created fields. For example, you could create a section on uniform size and ask employees to fill in various custom fields such as T-shirt size, waist length, needs p-cap, shoe size etc.

⚠️ Edit these fields with special care, as changes to fields can lead to loss of information!

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