Having the right manager receive requests from their employees is important, and there are several things to look out for when setting this up. In case you are having trouble with requests and notifications you can review the points below.

Manager Permissions

There are three different permission sets you can grant to managers in Planday: Schedule manager, HR manager, and Administrator. You can review this article to make sure that your managers have the correct permissions to action requests. For example, it’s worth noting that Schedule managers can approve requests for shift swaps, while HR managers cannot.


Notification Settings

Go to Settings > Portal Settings > Notifications to add employees that should be notified about requests. This way you can have your managers receive a mail and/or SMS when requests are made.


You may want a manager to only receive requests from employees in their department. To adjust these settings follow the steps below:

  • Select People > Employees to view all employees.

  • On the bottom left of the screen, select Admin, HR manager, or Schedule manager.

  • Place the cursor over the employee and click on the key icon.

  • The Access to department menu will allow you to assign department access.

If these steps didn’t resolve your issue, please contact our support team here.

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