In Planday, you can add or update your own profile picture both in the web version and in the Planday app. Optionally, Admins and HR managers can also change profile pictures while editing employee data.

How to change your own profile picture from Planday web

To add or edit your profile picture from Planday web version, go to your Planday profile:

  • Press your name at the top right, then press Edit from the dropdown menu.

  • Go to the Misc section at the bottom of the page and look for the Picture setting and press Edit.

  • Upload your photo and press Save.

⚠️ On a few Planday accounts, it is currently not possible for an employee to update their profile picture from the web. Instead, you can use the Planday app to update your profile picture. It could also be that your Planday administrator has disabled the option for employees to change their profile picture. Reach out to them if you don't see this option.

How to change your profile picture from the Planday app

To change your profile picture from the Planday app:

  • Press the profile icon at the top of the overview screen.

  • Then tap Edit user profile and press Edit Photo.

  • Choose a profile picture from your mobile’s photo gallery to use as your profile picture.

Planday EN Screenshots for HC.010.png

⚠️ Note that at the moment, only an Admin can delete your profile picture by logging in from the web version of Planday.

How to change an employee's profile picture as a Planday Administrator

As an Admin or HR manager, you have complete control over uploading, changing or deleting an Employee's profile picture when you edit the employee's data.

To edit a profile picture

Go to People > Employees > Click on the employee you are trying to edit and press Edit. From the User Actions menu, press Edit profile picture to upload a profile picture.

Planday EN Screenshots for HC.001.png
To delete a profile picture

Follow the same steps above and press the cross (X) in front of the file to remove the associated profile picture from an employee.

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