Uploading a contract template into Planday will allow you to send that contract to your employees for them to electronically sign. You can personalise this contract with 'Merge Fields' which will bring information from the employee profile into the contract. This means that rather than having one contract per employee, you will have one contract template that will personalise itself as you send it to your employees.

To upload your contract in Planday go to Settings > People > Contract setup > Employee contracts and select Create. Start by providing a name for the template.


Insert text allows you to type the text for the contract directly into the box. Import Document allows you to upload an existing document with the correct layout.

No matter the type you can automatically merge each employee's information into the personal contract using merge fields. You can find a list of available merge fields in the section below the text box. 


If you have chosen to insert text you can import a logo for the contract, and make edits directly in the text field. Otherwise you will need to download the file, make your changes, save your document, and then import it again.

Merge fields in Word

Please Note: The following example uses Microsoft Word for Mac OS, the steps may differ slightly for other versions of Word.

To include information from Planday in your future contracts, such as employee name and address, open your contract in Word and create a new merge field. From the list select 'MergeField' and enter the name of the field. This example shows 'Address'.

Double tap/right click the object and select Toggle field codes. Here you can name the new field accordingly before you update (Double tap/right click the object and select Update field).

To add more merge fields, simply copy and paste an existing merge field, then rename it by following the above instructions.

List of issued contracts

When you've printed a contract for an employee (Edit employee), the contract will be listed in People > Contracts. Select the relevant tab and filter the list by Department, Contract status and more.

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