Create Contract

To create an employee contract, go to People > Contracts > Create contract.

Step 1

  • Select the Employee and the Employee group they belong to, if applicable.

  • Select Contract - this refers to a contract template - and the Contract start date. If the contract also has an end date, you should add that in the Contract expiry date field. If you don't have a template setup yet, please refer to this article for further information.

  • Select the Contact person (the manager or employer) 

       Click Next.

You should review the contract to ensure that the information and details are correct.
Then, click Save. 

The following view is going to highlight the employee that needs to sign the document, date the document was created, expiry date (if applicable), status and 2 signing options: 

  • Manually: option that should be used if the document needs to be signed on paper (print out) or has already been signed and a copy should be uploaded, for safe keeping. 

  • Electronically: option to chose if you want the employee to sign the document electronically, through Planday.  

If you choose "Electronically" , you have to complete one more step before sending the document to your employee, for their signature.

The document must be first signed by you, as the employer.
Secondly, a decision should be made regarding access to the Planday platform (and app) for that employee: 

  • Yes means your new employee would be able to access Planday whether they sign the document or not;

  • No means that when they open Planday through the app, on their device, they’ll be notified that they have a document to sign and they will need to do so to be able to use Planday.Select No if you’d like your employees to be made aware automatically when they open their Planday app that they have documents to sign;

Then simply select "Sign and send to employee".

You can follow the status of the contract under People > Contracts > Awaiting action.
You will be notified as soon as the employee has either signed or rejected the contract.

Contract notifications and reminders

To avoid chasing your employees for contract signatures you can enable notifications which can be sent automatically. Contract notifications allow you to send an SMS and/or Planday message to specified employees when they receive a new contract that needs to be signed, and Contract reminders will send a notification when they have failed to sign their contracts after a set time period.
To set up either of these features go to Settings > Portal Settings > Notifications.

Your employees can view and sign the newly created contract either through the Planday mobile app (on their device) or through the Planday web portal, on a computer.

On the mobile app, they'll need to navigate to Account > Documents > Not signed.
Once the document is signed by both parties, it will be recorded and accessible under the Signed entry.

On a computer, they will need to log-in to Planday and navigate to their Profile settings ( under the top right round icon), in Edit.

In their personal settings, they will find a Contract section, at the bottom.

Clicking on "Sign the document" will open a window with the document for review and signature (after clicking "Next"). 

As a reminder, once the document is signed, you or the set contact person (from Step 1) will receive a notification, in Planday.  

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