You can share various types of documents and files in Planday so they are accessible to specific people or groups in your portal. A few examples include:

  • General documents such as staff handbooks and policies, manuals, and common knowledge files.

  • Personal documents such as manually signed documents, supplement contracts, criminal records, and work permits.

  • Contracts for e-signature between an individual team member and their manager, device lending contract.

  • Notes such as comments from a disciplinary meeting that are visible only to the manager or shared feedback between a manager and an employee.

Share general documents with all employees or groups

As an admin, you can upload general documents that may be relevant for all your team members to view and download. These can be documentation on staff handbooks & company policies, user manuals, and tutorials etc. You can also upload files other than documents such as staff party pictures, menu items or photos of cocktails and share them with specific employee groups or teams.

Start by going to People > Documents for an overview of existing files.

Before you can upload files, create a new folder under Documents and set which employee groups can access that folder. Then press Upload files to add your shared documents to this new folder.

Employees can now view these shared files by going to People > Documents on the web or by going to More > Documents > General on the Planday App.

Share private documents with an employee

You may need to upload private documents that should be kept secure and only be accessed by you or the employee. These can be HR-related files, such as manually signed documents, supplement contracts, criminal records, work permits, or scans of visa records.

You can upload these files inside the employee's profile by going to People > Employees > edit the employee you wish to add the file to > Documents > scroll down to the Files section > click Upload

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As a manager, you can decide if the file should be accessible by the employee or not and set values for expiry on the file, such as on visa records.

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If you want to see an overview of all individually uploaded documents, go to Employees > Tools > Document Overview.

Here you can export a list of the documents uploaded to each employee without having to remember their expiry dates.

Employees can view these files on the web portal, depending on their permission, by going to Profile > Edit.


These can be employment contracts that have been digitally signed between you and the employees. You can use the contract setup function in Planday to create your contracts or upload contracts manually in the portal.

You can get an overview of existing contracts or create new ones by going to People > Contracts

Here you can see which contracts are Awaiting action by the employees, signed contracts by employees, and get an overview of contracts by departments and their status.

Read more about creating and uploading contacts here.

Notes and feedback on employees

Notes can be used in many different ways, such as notes on employee 1:1s shared with the employee, notes about an employee that only a manager can see, for example, if they have been late a few times and the manager wants to document this.

You can attach a note to an employee by going to People > Employees > edit the employee you wish to add the note to > Documents > scroll down to the Notes section > press Create

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Give your note a title and compose its content. You can set a due date if the note has an actionable item that is expected by a certain day. If the action has already been performed, or no action is needed, you can check Note completed which marks the note as completed and is not visible for action anymore. And most importantly, you can mark if the note should be visible to the employee or not in their personal information. This gives you further options to notify the employee by sending them a message or SMS.

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Employees can view these notes on the web portal, depending on their permission, by going to their Profile > Edit

Still have questions? Reach out to our support team via chat if you need help regarding documents or notes.

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