You can store various types of documents and files in Planday, so they are accessible to specific people or groups in your business. A few examples include:

  • General documentation for all types of team members to view and download. (e.g. staff handbooks and policies)

  • Confidential HR related documents, such as notes from a disciplinary meeting.

  • Employment contracts for e-signature between an individual team member and their manager. 

How to upload Files & Documents

General documentation and information

Navigation: People > Documents > Upload file

Here you can upload plain documents that do not require a digital signature. Create sub-folders to store documents that should only be visible to certain types of employees, or image folders to store images such as staff party pictures, menu items or photos of cocktails. 

Private documents shared with an employee

Navigation: People > Employees > Edit employee > Documents/Notes

You can upload personal documents (not for digital signing), that only the administrator and the individual employee can access. For time sensitive documents such as seasonal menus, set an expiry date on the document and see a report on document access.


Navigation: People > Employees > Tools > Document overview

Set up the template for contracts that require your employee's e-signature.

You can either upload a Word document, or create the document as plain text directly to Planday. You can then insert merge fields into the contracts so the right information on an employee is added to their contract.

Navigation: Settings > People > Contract setup > Create

Please note: To insert merge fields to a word document before uploading it into Planday please use the attached list of merge fields.

To insert merge fields into a plain text document created in Planday, use the merge fields as listed at the bottom of the screen when creating it.

Sending documents for e-signing

Navigation: People > Contracts > Send

When you're ready to assign the contract to an employee and send it for digital signing, you are shown a preview of how it looks so you can review it before you send.

Only documents created as plain text documents can be edited before sending, while documents created by uploading a Word document cannot.

The document is sent to the employee who can sign or reject it. The recipient cannot add information or modify the document.

Once the document is signed, the employee will have access to a copy when they go to People > Contracts > Signed contracts.

The same document is also stored on the individual's HR form where it can be accessed by administrators when they go to People > Employees > Employee details > Edit Employee > Documents/Notes.

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