Using Shift types on the schedule will allow you to utilise the Shift type statistics report, found under the Reports tab on your Planday system. This can be used to keep a track of all kinds of data, such as Sickness, Late punches and Overtime.

Reporting on Shift types

With a well-organized use of Shift types, you can pull insightful reports detailing sick leave, productive and unproductive hours, or any other criteria you use Shift types to register. To create a report:

  1. Go to Reports > Shift type statistics. Uncheck the box for Shift types to select the Shift type(s) you want to report on. 

  2. Choose between Employees, Employee groups, and Departments to drill down further.

  3. Set the date range, and days in the date range you want to be included.

  4. Filter based on All, Approved, or Not approved shifts.

  5. Check Include % if you want to see the Shift type as a percentage of the total.

  6. Check Show with calendar to see when each of the Shift types are in use per employee.

Use Cases for Shift type statists

Illness/Absence reports

If you have applied a Shift type for illness or absenteeism, you can use this to create a tailored report. For example, you can report on your shift type, per department, per calendar month.

Punctuality reports

By assigning a late arrival shift type to employees, you can use this shift type to keep track of punctuality records over a given time period.

Overtime reports

By assigning a shift type to overtime, you can keep track of how many hours your employees are working overtime and assess its impact on your revenue.

Excel reports on Shift types

Excel reports are useful if you want to further analyze the Schedule data from your Planday account:

  1. Go to Reports > Schedule statistics, and choose Hours per employee > Excel in the first dropdown.

  2. Run the report on Employees, Employee groups, or Departments.

  3. Select a date range, and which days within the range to include.

  4. Uncheck Include shift types to choose which Shift type(s) you want to include. Check this option if the report should include all Shift types.

  5. Filter on All, Approved, or Not approved shifts.

  6. Use Show hrs/shifts when the value is to create reports based on shift length. 

  7. Select Print report, and download the file when it's ready.

With the data opened in Excel, you can use all the tools available to filter, create reports, and analyze your data down to the tiniest detail.

Shift types, Payroll, and Payroll supplements

Shift types are one of the most important tools for registering correct information for both reporting and payroll purposes in Planday. You can register salary codes on your Shift types, and the salary code should match the codes used in your payroll system.

In addition, you can set up Payroll supplements from Settings > Payroll > Payroll supplements. For each supplement, you can register a salary code, and the settings on each Shift type will affect which hours (based on Shift types) that the supplement is calculated for. 

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