What is a Bank holiday calendar?

Bank holiday calendar lets you manage your Payroll supplements for upcoming bank holidays, cater for national holidays when employees request leave and let you plan your schedule needs in a more informed manner. You can also have your Bank holiday calendar show up directly in your schedule to make it easy for your schedule managers to anticipate shift needs. Follow these three topics to set up, configure and show Bank holiday calendar function on your portal.

Enable Bank Holiday Calendar on your portal

First, you need to add a holiday calendar to your portal by going to Settings > General > Bank holiday calendar > Add Bank holiday calendar

Depending on your portal's country settings, you may have access to a default holiday calendar for your region. You can select and modify this as a basis for creating your own calendar or leave the field blank and build one from scratch.

Please note that a system default bank holiday calendar will not be displayed directly in your schedule should you enable this setting, only a custom made holiday calendar will be displayed.

Customize your holiday calendar

Once your Bank holiday calendar has been created you can use the Edit holiday function to add individual days, such as company days, change the starting hour for events or remove a holiday from the list.

Show Bank holiday calendar in Schedule

Once you've set up a new Bank holiday calendar (excluding system default calendars), enable it in the schedule by going to Schedule > View settings > and turning on Bank holidays / Leave

Your chosen bank holiday calendar will now show up on your schedule along with any custom holidays you have added.

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