Follow the steps below to easily import the payslips from BrightPay, so your employees can access them in Planday.

Import BrightPay payslips into Planday

  • Log into Planday and go to the integration page via Settings > Integrations > Overview. Find BrightPay and Select Activate.

  • Download the PDF file with payslips to your desktop. We recommend you open the file to verify it is the correct data before importing into Planday.

  • Log in to Planday and go to Payroll > Import payslips.

  • Choose start and end date: enter the same dates as the payslip.

  • Existing payslips: If you have already imported payslips to a given period, you can import additional payslips to that period. You can also overwrite existing payslips to update them with new data.

  • Choose Payslip in Type

  • Choose the Format BrightPay

  • Upload the payslips file and select import. The payslips will then be available to employees from their Planday account.


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