Connect to your Lightspeed Restaurant POS solution to automatically import your daily revenue to Planday.

When you're done setting up, your revenue will automatically refresh every 5 minutes so you can monitor changes in real time. Revenue data is fetched for a set number of days, so any updates to revenue on those days will be shown.

Monitor your revenue, scheduled labour costs, and labour percentage by going to Reports > Revenue in the top menu or view it inside your schedule by selecting View and toggling on Revenue in the dropdown menu.

Create revenue units

If you haven't already done so, you need to create revenue units for the relevant departments in Planday. To create your revenue units go to Settings > Reports > Revenue.

Learn more about the revenue module here.

Lightspeed details

Before you can setup the integration, you need to ensure that you have the following details ready:

  • Your Lightspeed server name
  • Your Lightspeed Company ID 

To find your server name and company ID in Lightspeed:
Login to Lightspeed and note the first characters in the URL, it should read something like:
In this case, nae1 is your server name.
Pull up a day or week report (Summary PDF) - in the top of this report you should find your 5-digit company ID.

Send request to Planday to add your Restaurant to Planday's Lightspeed Partner account

Next, contact our support team here with a request to have your restaurant added to the Planday partner account in Lightspeed. You can use the following template for your convenience:

Hi Planday and Lightspeed, 

Can you please enable the restaurant below to the Planday partner account, so the integration can be activated?

Lightspeed username (email address related to Lightspeed):
Company ID:
Server name:
Business name:
Business address:

Please let me know when it is ready, and we can connect the integration.

Activate the Lightspeed Restaurant integration

After Planday and Lightspeed have added you to the partner channel, we can activate the Lightspeed integration in Planday.

  • Log into Planday and go to Settings > Integrations > Overview.
  • Find the Lightspeed Restaurant integration in the POS category and select Add.
  • Enter the server name and the company ID.
  • If you have multiple sites, select Add Lightspeed Company and add the relevant details.
  • Select Connect. If the connection fails, please check that you have entered the correct connection details from Lightspeed Restaurant and that you are added to Playday’s and Lightspeed’s partner channel.

Integration settings

Configure the settings for the integration.

  1. Select the number of past days you want to fetch data for. The integration will update the revenue numbers from Lightspeed Restaurant for the number of prior days chosen, so any changes to the revenue data will also appear in Planday.

    Select Overwrite existing data if the integration should overwrite the existing figures in Planday. This should be selected if the budgeted revenue is entered manually in the revenue report, or if the days being fetched have had any changes or updates made to the revenue figures in Lightspeed Restaurant.
  2. Choose if you want to import revenue based on Product prices or Payments.
    Please note that this option is only available for US.
  3. Choose if you want the revenue to be imported based on Day (12am-12am) or defined by your Business hours in Lightspeed. (Business hours is useful if your restaurant is closing after midnight)
    Please note that this option is only available for US.
  4. Choose if you want the revenue to be displayed including or excluding taxes.
  5. Choose if you want the revenue to be displayed including or excluding service charge (your option is not going to affect the numbers if you don´t use service charge)
  6. Open Location matching by clicking on Show details.

Location matching

Now you can connect the Revenue units in Planday to their corresponding Floors in Lightspeed Restaurant, so the revenue will be imported into the correct departments in Planday and an accurate labour percentage will be calculated.

If you have some of your tables set up to “delivery” and/or “takeaway” you also need to specify to which revenue unit these types should be imported to.

Please note that revenue from “Takeaway Simple” will be calculated as a part of the floor and only revenue from the table types “takeaway” or “delivery” will go into the separate delivery and takeaway mapping.

  • Here you will see all of the Revenue units created for your business in Planday. In the dropdown menu next to the name of each Revenue unit, choose the corresponding Floor from Lightspeed Restaurant.
  • Select the revenue unit you want to import the revenue from Delivery to. Do the same for revenue from Takeaway. It is possible to leave this blank, or select revenue units that are already mapped. In this case the revenue from all selections will be imported to the same revenue unit.
  • Select Activate. Now the integration will start importing your revenue data from Lightspeed Restaurant.
    Allow it 5 minutes for it to show up in the schedule.

FAQ and troubleshooting

If the integration seems to be enabled but no revenue is coming in.

  • If configured correctly, the revenue will be visible at the bottom of the schedule. Make sure that “Revenue” is enabled under Planday > Schedule > View
  • Make sure there are existing shifts on the week or the day you ́re looking at, otherwise the revenue might not show. Allow 5 minutes for the revenue to update if you make any changes to the schedule..
  • Are you looking at the correct department/location? In the top left corner of Planday you can switch between departments/locations:

I have entered my credentials correct but I cannot connect (see error message below)

  • Make sure that you have been added to the partner channel, contact our support team for more info.

Revenue is coming in, but the numbers are incorrect:

  • Review the steps under “Integration settings”
    *If you make any changes, allow 5 minutes for the integration to update.
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