Please note: This article refers to the transition between the previous version of Planday and the current one. For a quick intro to Planday, see this article.

Now that you've been upgraded to the new Planday platform, here's a guide on how to use the top features to make your work faster and easier.


Schedule views

Now you have three views to choose from when viewing your schedule: Employees, Groups and Positions. Try them all out to see which view works best for you!

Drag and drop

To move a shift, drag and drop it where you want to move it to.

Copy shift

To copy a shift, hold down Alt/Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows), then select the shift and drag it to where you want to copy it.

Quick edit

Hover on a shift, and select the menu icon (three dots) to make changes to a shift.


We added a Filter where you can fully customize what you see in the schedule, reducing the clutter for those bigger departments. Select the Filter icon beside the department selector to open the filters menu.


Select Sort to reorder your employees in the schedule. You can also toggle between ascending and descending order by clicking the sort icon on the right of each option.

Daily overview

Select the Shift count at the top of the schedule to see an overview of shifts and availability for the day. This allows you to send messages to specific sets of people.

Costs per Section

You are now able to see the costs per section in the Positions view. Each section also displays total expected hours for the positions in the section, alongside a total shift count.

Create and sort Positions

Select Manage Positions and Sections. From here you can create new positions and sections, edit or copy them by hovering over them and selecting the corresponding icons, or drag and drop them to rearrange their order in the schedule.

Templates in schedule

You find the Templates menu in the top right corner - here you will also see some new options such as copy week and save schedule as a template.


Quick edit

By clicking on an employee a window opens on the right. Quick edit what departments, groups or permissions (Security groups) the employee should be a part of or have.

Quick-add employees to a Department or Group

Hover on the name of a Department or Employee group and select the pencil icon, to quickly add an employee to it.

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