You can correct or complete any personal data that Planday holds in product. Planday collects and processes personal data, as described in Planday’s Privacy Policy.

I use a Planday account, how do I request for my data to be corrected?

You can request that personal data be rectified verbally or in writing. If your request is made verbally, our support team will ask you to confirm this in writing.

Any requests should be sent to our support team, with details of what data needs to be corrected.

The Support Team will ask you to verify your identification, and confirm any changes in writing.

By when will Planday correct my data?

Planday has one month to correct any personal data.

Can I update my own data in my account?

Yes. If you are an employee, good practice is to let your admin know that data has been updated.

Data updated by yourself or by your admin, on your behalf, is controlled and processed by you and your admin, and Planday has no responsibility for this.

Something is not right, what do I do?

Firstly, please contact our support team. Alternatively, please refer to our Complaints Handling process.

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