Your manager may create some shifts in the schedule as Open shifts depending on their business needs.

An open shift does not have a person assigned to it when it's created and is ready to be claimed by an employee. You can cover and request these shifts if you have the correct role or skills.

You can see upcoming Open shifts that you can cover in the Open shifts widget on your app's Overview screen:

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Tap a Shift to see its full details, or tap See all to get a calendar overview of all Open shifts you can cover. Once you've selected a shift, you will see a Request shift button on iOS or a + button on Android that you can press to claim the shift.

Your shift request will change to pending approval by a manager. It is only yours after a manager approves. To cancel your request, tap the Cancel button.

💡 When your request is approved, your manager can notify you via a direct message or SMS. Otherwise, your calendar will be updated in real-time as any changes are made, and the shift will appear under Your shifts.

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Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your direct manager if you need help regarding this feature.

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