When you select one of your future shifts you’ll see the option to Swap, Handover, or Sell the shift on an iOS device or under the + button on Androids.

  • A Swap request allows you to exchange shifts with a colleague. They'll get your shift, you'll get their shift. Perfect for swapping an early start for your colleague's late one.

  • A Handover request allows you to give the shift directly to a colleague without replacing it. Use this when you have a specific person in mind to replace you when you can't make it to work.

  • Use Sell to put the shift up for sale, giving your colleagues the chance to request it themselves. If you have a lot of peers in your role then this option will take the hassle out of finding a replacement when you can't work this shift.

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⚠️ The shift will remain yours in all three scenarios until a colleague accepts your request and a manager approves it.

Shifts with a request that is awaiting approval will display a Pending icon. To cancel the request, select the shift and tap Cancel.

Still have questions? Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your direct manager if you need help regarding this feature.

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