When you select one of your shifts you’ll see the option to Swap, Handover, or Sell the shift.

  • A Swap request allows you to exchange shifts with a colleague. They'll get your shift, you'll get their shift. Perfect for swapping an early start for your colleague's late one.

  • A Handover request allows you to give the shift directly to a colleague without replacing it. Use this when you have a specific person in mind to replace you when you can't make it to work.

  • Use Sell to put the shift up for sale, giving your colleagues the chance to request it themselves. If you have a lot of peers in your role then this option will take the hassle out of finding a replacement when you can't work this shift.

In all three scenarios the shift will remain yours until a manager approves your request. Shifts with a request that is awaiting approval will display a Pending icon. To cancel the request, select the shift and tap Cancel.

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