In the Planday mobile apps Absence requests are supported if your manager/employer has set up an Absence account for you.

You can also make absence requests by logging into Planday via a browser > go to Home > Your Vacation.

To proceed with making a vacation request in the app, tap Account, then Time off for an overview of your Absence accounts and requests.

Tap the + icon at the top right to create a new request.
If you have more than one absence account, you can choose which account you want to use for this request.

Select the period and tap on the checkmark in the top right corner to go to the next step.

Once the period is selected, you can see an overview of your request, add a comment if you want, and see the cost of each day in your request. Tap the checkmark in the top right corner to submit your request.

Your manager(s) will receive your request and can approve or reject the request at their discretion. You can always check your existing requests back on the Time off screen.

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