In the messages tab you can find messages sent to you from your colleagues using Planday's Messaging feature. Tap the folder icon at the top left to switch between your inbox and your sent messages, tap a message to see its content and reply, and tap the pen and paper icon at the top right to compose a new message. (The messaging icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen on Android.)

When you're composing a message tap the plus icon in the To field to select recipients from a list of your colleagues. You can also tap the filter icon next to the search bar to narrow down your search. You can filter by Department, Employee group, and if your employer has enabled the feature, Skills.

In the people section of the Planday app you can also search for specific colleagues by name.

One you tap on your colleague you will see three communication options. Tapping the Message icon gives you the choice between sending an SMS or sending a message with Planday. You can also call their phone number if they have one stored in Planday, or send an email to them.

When you're viewing a Shift you can select a colleague from the Colleagues at work section to see three communication options, send a message with Planday, call their phone number if they have one stored in Planday, and send an SMS.

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