Planday offers the possibility of keeping track of your employees' holidays. It is possible for the employee to request vacation for a specific day or period. As a manager, you will receive a notification about the request and can take action immediately. 

Please note, that at this time, if an employee makes a vacation request through the mobile app, a notification may not be triggered.

Employees have the option of sending their requests straight to the management team, by going to Home, then Your Vacation. They can choose the date(s) they want to request and send it over to their manager with a message.

In this article, we will exclusively be looking at approving a request made from an Accrued vacation account.

Vacation overview

Hover over Schedule and go to Absence requests. This will be the main screen for all your Vacation needs. Here are some tips on how to navigate this page:

  • Create Vacation: Create vacation for an employee that has a Fixed vacation account

  • Create Accrued: Create vacation for an employee that has an Accrued account

  • Vacation Report: Create a report detailing all the Vacation taken within a given period, downloadable in Excel format

  • Overtime Report: Create a report detailing all the Overtime within a given period, downloadable in Excel format


  • Start and End: Choose the date range you wish to show holiday within

  • Department: Filter out which department you would like to see holiday for

  • Employee Group: Filter out absence requests based on Employee Group

  • Supervisor: Filter out employees based on their Supervisor (This may need to be set up on your portal)

  • Employee Type: Filter out absence requests based on Employee Type

  • List view: Display your Absence requests in List Form, listed by earliest date

  • Calendar: See a calendar view of all requests in the system, very useful when considering overlapping holiday in conjunction with Department/Employee Group filters.

  • Filter: Filter by Approved, Denied and Requested absence requests

Approving an Absence request

You can either find the vacation request in the ‘Pending Approval’ section of the screen, or create the Vacation using the ‘Create Vacation/Accrued’ options at the top of the screen.

In this scenario, our employee ‘Planday Support’ has asked for a week off. When you open the Absence request you will see the following:

In the request, we see all of the days that have been requested. The cost determines if payment will be made for that day or not. A cost of ‘1’ will be a paid Vacation day, while a cost of ‘0’ is an unpaid day of Vacation. Only days that are paid will be deducted from the Vacation account balance.

The prediction of which days are paid, and which are unpaid, comes from two factors within the system: The use of the schedule, and a field in the Employee profile named ‘Hrs per Month’. We use the data from these two areas to predict what a paid, or unpaid day should be.

The account balance is broken into ‘Balance (before request)’ and ‘Balance (after request)’. We use a traffic light system in order to determine whether an Absence request should be approved or not.

Once which days will be paid/unpaid, you can put in a message (optional) and choose whether to approve or deny the Vacation request. Regardless of the outcome, this will send a message to the Employee (can be toggled), informing them of your decision.

Overlapping Shifts

There are also some options present, to change what will be the outcome for any shifts present on the schedule at the time of approving the vacation, that would overlap with the vacation taken:

  • Keep: The shifts will remain on the schedule, overlapping the holiday

  • Set Shift Type: The shifts will remain on the schedule, overlapping the holiday, but a shift type will be applied to the shifts.

  • Set to Open: The shifts will be removed from the name of the selected Employee, and will be kept on the schedule as open shifts, so they could be potentially taken by another employee within the same Employee Group

  • Delete: Overlapping shifts will be deleted


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