Once you have uploaded or created a contract template in Planday that contains merge fields, use this guide to apply it. If you have not created your template yet you can find the steps to do so here. Should you encounter any issues you can also contact our support team.

Create a contract

  • Go to Employees > Contracts.

  • Click Create Contract.

  • In the window that appears, select the contract template you want to use from the list.

  • Select the employee group(s) you want the contract to apply, and possibly a contact person, if this is stated in the contract.

Proofread the completed contract

It is important to make sure that the contract has automatically populated the correct information about the employee. The merge fields retrieve data from the employee's profile, if something is missing this should be added to the employee profile.

Sign the contract

You can choose to sign the contract electronically and send it directly to the employee for signing, or to sign it manually.

If you choose electronically, type your name and select Sign and send to the employee. If you have a lot of employees, you may want to save the signature by checking Save signature.

You can choose whether or not the employee should be obligated to sign before they can use Planday via the Allow access section.


Wait for the employee to sign

The employee will see the contract in their Pending actions until it is signed. You will receive a notification once they have signed.

You will find the contracts you have submitted for signature under Employees > Contracts > Pending action.

Repeat for other employees

Each employee's contract must be sent separately, meaning these steps should be followed from the beginning for each employee.

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