Planday can help you keep an overview through its reporting functionality for:

  1. Reports and overview of hours in the Schedule

  2. Employee Data

  3. Vacation and Overtime reports

  4. Contracted hours

  5. Schedule overview, reports & stats

  6. Payroll report

  7. Customizing your reports

1. Reports and overview of hours in the schedule

While working on the schedule you have a few views and reports near at hand:

  • Below each day in the schedule you´ll find a summary of hours and labour costs for the current day, based on the individual wages and salaries entered in Planday.

  • To the far left of this, you´ll find a summary of hours and labour costs for the current period you´re viewing.

  • You can use the filter to only include certain groups, positions, shift types, employees etc. When a filter is applied the total hours and labour costs will reflect your selection.

You can Export this schedule information as a PDF report or as a .csv report under Tools > Print schedule / Tools > Export schedule CSV

2. Employee data

Whether you need an overview of the changes in your staff for an annual report or for regular bookkeeping, Planday's got you covered.

Under People > Employees > Tools, you will find the options to:

Use pre-made reports or export for your Integration

Create report, which allows you to choose and fine-tune what the report should contain. Pre-made reports give you the opportunity to export employee data or employee changes to get an overview of newly added or deactivated users and so on. If you are using an integration such as Visma Løn, or Proløn, you can also create a report in a file format that is compatible with those integrations.

Create Custom Report

If you need a mix of information, you can choose to create and format your own report from the upper right corner, through (+) Create report. This will not affect the data stored in Planday, but only gives you full control on which data to gather in one report.

Document Overview

Under People > Tools > Document Overview, which provides a straightforward overview of which documents are uploaded on your employees' user profiles, for the selected employees. Depending on the Document type you choose to include, the report will also contain the date when the documents are set to expire, where applicable.

3. Vacation and Overtime reports

To keep on top of your business' needs and balance costs and staff effectively, you need a clear overview of what's going on even when your employees are on vacation.
From Schedule > Absence requests > Export you can extract:

Vacation report

Vacation report contains the absence records available from your Planday portal, in an Excel file, within the selected date range.
Before exporting, you can choose what the vacation data to include, filtering by the vacation request status, vacation account or by Department.

Time off in Lieu report / Overtime report

Overtime reports that is similar to the Vacation report. The Excel file generated contains all the overtime data (banked hours/flex/TOIL) recorded on your portal, for the selected date range, Department and Employees.

4. Contracted hours

If you are using Planday’s function ‘Contracted hours’ to get an overview of your employees' worked hours versus their contracted hours, you can find and export this information from Schedule > Contracted hours.

Learn more about this feature here.

5. Schedule overview, reports & stats

Shift Overview per Employee

Directly from Schedule you can get a quick overview of an Employee's worked hours and scheduled shifts or an overview o Punch Clock entries for a certain date range.

In the Employees view, in Schedule, you can create a shift overview for every employee on the list. Hover on the employee's row and click on the middle quick menu option, as shown below.

This will open a new window, where you can see all the shifts assigned to an Employee, by Department, for a set date range in sortable columns. You can also change the Date range or switch between Employees directly in this window.

Punch Clock entries - Overview

From Schedule > Punch Clock you can see and export an overview per day or per week, for the punch clock entries recorded on your portal.

From the printer icon, on the left side 🖨, you can export or print the same overview, or adjust to your needs, from the option shown below.

Schedule statistics

The Reports menu hosts a number of Schedule related reports and stats that can help you make better decisions for your business.

a. Reports > Schedule statistics. Here, you have 3 baseline options available for the data in your report.
From Statistics type, you can choose :
Hours per employee - this will show the number of hours summarized on the page, per employee
Shifts per employee - which will show the number of shifts summarized on the page, per employee
Hours per employee, Excel - choosing to create a downloadable report with all shifts listed.

All 3 options allow you to fine-tune the report by Department, Employee groups and Employees, taking into account the date range selected and the weekdays, Shift type of your choice and their current status.

As an example, the Hours per employee Excel report would look something like the picture below.

b. Reports > Shift type statistics gives you the option to generate a Shift type overview per employee, within the same parameters as the Hours per employee. This can be useful if you need to assess whether your employees are working according to their skills or get an overview of their training, stats on sickness, absence etc.
Learn more about reporting and shift types here.

6. Payroll report

Under Payroll > Payroll Export you'll find everything you need to pull payroll reports for worked hours, wages, monthly salaries, and supplements. Select All employees or filter your selection to include a custom selection by applying a combination of filters. You can export these as Adobe PDF, .csv, or Excel files. In addition to these file formats, you can also create a payroll report for any of your integrated payroll modules such as Xero, Sage, or Danløn if you have these modules added to your portal.
You can make sure you have everything ready by following this checklist.

As an example, a PDF export would be similar to the picture below:


7. Customising your reports

  • All reports under the Reports tab + the PDF report under Payroll export are pre-defined and cannot be changed.

  • Payroll export > formats Excel / .csv - you can change the format from Settings > Payroll > Prints (see below). Through Create you can add an information field to the report, choose for example “First name” from the dropdown of available fields and sort the output by using Sort order (add a low number to show the field early in the report, add a higher number to show it later..)

Still have questions? Reach out to our support team via chat if you need help regarding this feature.

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