Within your Planday system, you and your employees will be able to send each other messages through our onboard communications tool. This can be done on both the Planday app and the web system, allowing you to communicate to your staff, without the need for personal phone numbers and groups. We recommend using Google Chrome as a web browser when using the messaging feature.

Through the Planday messaging system, you can send two types of messages:
1. A Message directly to their Planday account.
2. An SMS message, if there is an available mobile number (standard SMS rates may apply).

Messaging through the web browser

In the top right corner, next to your Profile menu, you will see a message icon. Clicking on this will show you a quick menu, and will also display your most recently received messages. From here, you can send a message or navigate to the Inbox.

Within the Inbox, you can send a message or an SMS and create folders to organize your received and sent messages. The received messages will be displayed in a most recent order, and show the sender's name, the subject of the message, and the date and time the message was received.

Send message will open up a new screen:

This screen allows you to choose who should receive your message, what should the message include and how should it look like. You can choose specific departments and employee groups through the dropdown list and employee groups checkboxes respectively, or send a message to an individual employee, by typing at least the first two characters of their name into the search box.

When typing a message, you can include a subject line, and in the body of the message, add Merge Fields. Merge Fields allow you to pull information from the receiver’s profile into the message, which can be useful for bulk messages. You will have a full list of Merge fields, including examples from your own profile listed just below the body of the message.

Below the message input field, in the right bottom corner, there is an Edit Signature option that allows you to create a signature for your messages.

There is also a preview option, so you can make sure the message looks just right before you send it.

Managers have a few additional messaging options:

  • attaching a file

  • make sure that an employee receives your message next they punch in (if they haven’t read it already), through the Show in Punch Clock option, regardless of the platform they use (web, mobile app or the Kiosk app).

  • enable Require reply, which will keep the message on top of the inbox list, to ensure important information is being read and replied to.

Messaging on the app

You can also send messages from the Planday app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

On your menu bar (at the bottom), under Messages, you will find your inbox and will be able to

  • read, send, receive and forward messages from your colleagues and employees

  • start or reply in group threads

  • see a list of who has opened or hasn't opened your message yet

  • attach a file or picture to a message

  • require a reply to your message or be notified when one is expected from you

This means, that you can communicate through the Planday app in a similar you would from the web version.

You can read more about how to use Messages through the Planday app in this article.

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