Within your Planday portal, you and your employees can send each other messages through a built-in messaging tool. Messaging allows you to communicate with your staff without the need to use personal phone numbers or social media groups.

The Planday messaging system enables you to send two types of messages:

Messages overview

In the top right corner next to your Profile menu, you will find a messaging icon ✉️. Click on the icon to open a sub-menu displaying your Inbox with your most recent received messages. From here, you can also:

  • send an SMS by clicking the mobile icon (if enabled on your portal).

  • send an in-app message by clicking the envelope icon.

  • navigate further into the Inbox.


Within the Inbox, you can compose a message by clicking Send message button or a text message to an employee by pressing Send SMS. You can also create folders to manage your sent and received messages for better organization.

The received messages will be displayed in the most recent order, and show the name of the sender, the subject of the message, and the date and time in which the message was received.

💡 As an admin, you can see if your message was received and ready by the employee by going to Sent messages > Read by. Clicking on the Read by number lists all the recipients and their read status.

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Compose a message

When you press on Send message, a new screen will open. Here you can select individual or multiple recipients, define the content of your message and write your text.

You can choose to send to individual recipients by using the drop-down list and ticking selected names or simply start entering an employee's name in the Select recipients field.

When writing a message you can add merge fields in the body of the message allowing you to pull information from Planday.


If you want to send a message to specific Departments or Employee groups, press Browse for recipients.


This screen allows you to choose who should receive your message. Selections are retained when clicking between tabs. When you are done, simply press Select. Once the message is written and the recipients are selected, you can consider whether to select more before sending. See what options you have under the Message details section.


Message details and additional options

Managers have a few additional messaging options when composing messages. These include:

  • Merge Fields allow you to pull information from the receiver’s profile into the message, which can be useful for bulk messages. You will have a full list of Merge Fields, including examples from your own profile, listed just below the body of the message.

  • Attachments allow you to add documents or photos with messages.

  • Notify recipients via SMS means that you can alert the recipients of the message via an SMS text that they have a Planday message in their inbox. (Additional SMS rates may be applied).

  • Show the message in Punch Clock means the message will be visible to the employees when they punch in/out through Punch Clock. No action is required for this message. Use this option to inform employees about something that's urgent/important to know by the start of their next shift.

  • Require reply means that when the employees open the message, the message will continue to appear at the top of their inbox until they have replied to it. Normal use-cases: when a shift needs to be covered, and the admin needs to know who can work or not, or when the admin has information for the employees where they need a confirmation that employees have read it with an acknowledgement.

Send SMS via Planday

As an admin, you can choose to activate the SMS function on your portal. It is then possible for you to send Planday messages as an SMS to your employees.

⚠️ Contact Planday support team if you want to enable SMS functionality on your portal. Sending SMS texts may have additional costs per message.

Once enabled, you can press the mobile icon from the quick messenger or press the Send SMS button to compose a new message. You will have the same options to select recipients or search for recipients in departments and staff groups as you would while composing a regular message.


Modify the Sender (Optional): As an admin, you can modify the Sender name or phone number from the SMS text composer. This would mask the default sender name from Planday to your chosen name. Contact Planday support team if you want to enable the ability to modify the sender name.

Still have questions? Reach out to our support team via chat if you need help regarding this feature.

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