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What are Schedule filters?

Schedule filters allow you to identify specific shifts, colleagues, or groups on your schedule. Filters can be applied to all views and timeframes of the schedule, allowing you better insight while creating or viewing schedules.

💡 Filters don't modify the schedules, which means you can review and explore your filters without worrying about changes to the schedule.

How to use Schedule filters

The Filters button is located at the top left of the Schedule page. Click on it to reveal the panel showing you all the available filter options.

The available filters are:

  • Shift times

  • Shift status

and filters that on how your organization is set up in Planday:

  • Shift type,

  • Employees,

  • Employee Groups, and

  • Positions.

Multiple filters can be selected at the same time, to further narrow down the shifts you would like to see. You can also choose to print the schedule, with filters applied.

Lastly, you will find an option to hide the empty rows of the schedule, so you can focus on the shifts you have selected and an option to clear all your filters, to show everything again.

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