When your company gets up and running with Planday, you will be invited to join the platform. Joining Planday will allow you to punch in and out for shifts, see your rota, apply for extra shifts, and message people within your company.

When your manager invites you, you should receive an email that looks like this, from your company platform, in this case, Help Centre Demo:

If this is the email you would like to use for Planday, continue with the Verify my Email option. This will take you to a screen to create and confirm your password and read the End User License and Privacy Policy agreements:

Once a password has been accepted, and the agreements signed, you will then be taken to your company portal, and will be able to sign in. You can get three pieces of information from this:

Company ID: This is the URL that you will need to go to on the web version. It is also needed to log in on the Planday app as well. It is normally the name of the business followed by '.planday.com'

Username: This would be the email address that you received the initial email to.

Password: The password you just set up!

Now that you have those three pieces of information, you are now ready to log in on the Planday app.

Open up the Planday app on your phone and press Log in, to see this screen:

Enter the URL or Company ID, and you will get to next screen, asking for your username and password:

Once this has been entered, you should be logged into your Planday app!

One of the first things you will want to do is fill in your personal profile, to customise your Planday experience. Click on Account, on the navigation bar, to bring you to your main Account screen.

You can then press Edit Profile to fill in your personal information, and upload a picture, so you can have a personalised avatar around the Planday system.

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