Meal contributions, or deductions, can be set up to automatically trigger when a shift goes over a threshold of required working time. This can be used to make sure employees are compensated for meals or have a certain amount deducted from their payroll to cover meal costs.

Meal contributions and deductions can be found in Settings > Payroll > Meal contribution and deduction.

Click Create to make a contribution/deduction rule.

First, choose which type of rule you are going to set up: a contribution or a deduction.

The Amount is the monetary value for the contribution/deduction, and this can be set to be:

  • for hourly - applied for every hour of a shift

  • or daily - applied once a shift.

Required working time is the minimum working time needed, in minutes, for an employee to receive the contribution/deduction.

Add a Salary code to identify this easier in your payroll exports, and choose whether you want your deductions to be printed as a positive number (this is dependent on the requirements of your payroll system).

Lastly, select when your rule should be valid from and until (optional).

As an example, employees who work for a continuous 6 hours, are entitled to a meal per shift. A meal is £5 per employee and should be deducted from their payroll. Therefore, their meal deduction rule will apply on a daily timeframe, after 360 minutes of required working time, for an amount of £5.

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