Download the Planday mobile app

Make sure to download and install the Planday app on your phones before starting. Planday mobile app is available for free on most Android and Apple portable devices.

Download the Planday App for Android devices from here.

Download the Planday App for iOS from here.

Choose your Settings and set up Sync Calendars

Syncing Planday with either your iCal or Google Calendar will allow you to integrate your work shifts into your normal calendar, so you can have a full overview of all your engagements.

Upcoming Shifts

Check your upcoming shifts, including:

  • what Department you are going to be working in,

  • what you are going to be doing at work,

  • and who you will be working with!

Check Open Shifts

Usually, Open shifts are shifts that you can request. If you want to do some extra hours, see what shifts are available and send a request to your manager, straight from the app.

Check your Messages

You can also send messages through Planday, to your managers and colleagues. Use the app to keep up to date with your messages and requests!

Read the latest News

Keep up to date with company news and bulletins, shared through Planday.

Posts on the News Feed will remain available, so you can refer back whenever you want to.

Punch in to start a shift

You can punch in for a shift once you're at work and punch out when you leave, all through the Planday app. Registering your times accurately allows your manager to know exactly how long you worked.

Set your Availability

Setting your availability lets your manager know when is good for you to work, or more importantly when you are unavailable to work. Once you set your availability when your manager makes the schedule, they will be able to see your preferences.
Availability serves as only as information for your manager, it will not restrict them from scheduling a shift for you if it's needed.

Attend an Event

Your company can invite you to Events through the Planday app, so you know what is going on and when. This can be training or even a Staff Night Out! Make sure to check out the Event, its location and time, and let your company know if you can attend!

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