The Schedule history report allows you to see any and all changes made on the schedule. This can help you find out:

  • who made the changes

  • when those changes were made

  • what shift types have been changed

  • when shifts have been approved

  • whether shifts that have been deleted.

To find the Schedule history, go to the Schedule > Tools > Schedule history.

Click on Schedule history to open up the report of all changes.

The list contains all the changes made on the schedule, in chronological order (from newest to oldest).

Selecting either one of the entries will show you more details about the change.

For example, this can be original shift status and the current status of the same shift after the edit.

One very important element of the Schedule history is the ability to show Deleted shifts. This means that youwill be able to see which shifts were deleted, who deleted the shift and when the shift was deleted, from the Schedule history report.

Another helpfull tool within the Schedule history report is the ability to filter the list.

The filter allows you to narrow down the list based on:

  • the date of shift you are looking to see changes for.
    Please keep in mind that the filter is based on the current date of each shift, e.g. the date after a date update for that shift.

  • who made changes to the schedule.

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