Occasionally, Planday and its related services undergo maintenance.

This means that, during the maintenance period, those services are unavailable.

Depending on what the maintenance implies, you might not be able to access Punch Clock, use the web client of Planday, or log into to Planday app or Kiosk app.

The maintenance window is usually scheduled outside of normal working hours, However, if your organization has flexible or prolonged working hours, there might be scenarios in which your schedule will overlap with the planned downtime.

For example, some of your employees might punch out of the night shift while their colleagues are starting the early service.

Before the planned maintenance, you will receive a message with more details about the time, length, date, and services involved.
Ideally, your schedule would be unaffected, but if your employees need to punch in or out using Punch Clock during this time, please follow the recommendations below to ensure that the correct start and end times are recorded.

We are very sorry about any inconvenience a scheduled maintenance window might cause you. We need to perform regular maintenance operations to make system health checks and improve the stability and availability of Planday.

Thank you for your patience!

1. Inform your employees about the upcoming maintenance

You will receive a message about the upcoming maintenance window, a few days in advance. We recommend that you share this information with your colleagues and employees.

You can choose to send a message through Planday, create a post in the newsfeed, or communicate it using other preferred platforms.

Please make sure that those with shifts during the maintenance window are informed both about the downtime timeframe and about what to do if their shifts start/end before during downtime.

2. What to do when Punch Clock is unavailable

If you have staff members who are scheduled to punch in or out during the maintenance window:

  • Inform your staff that they won’t be able to use Punch Clock as they normally would, during the timeframe.

  • Put in place a system to register the start and end times for the affected shifts. You can use this template, either as a printout or digitally, and ask your employees to manually enter shift times.
    Alternatively, you can ask your staff to use the comments section of their shift to add their punch-in/out times, after the maintenance is complete.

  • Remember to register those times in Planday and approve them for payroll, as if they were regular Punch clock entries.

3. Approving Punch Clock entries after maintenance

  • For employees who punched in before the maintenance window, but cannot access Punch Clock during the maintenance

    After the maintenance is complete, enter the Shift end time under Schedule > Punch Clock > To approve per day and approve the shifts, as usual.
    In the overview list, the shifts without a start or end time will be marked with a red flag (3), next to the missing fields. If your employees chose to leave a comment on their shift, this will also be shown, in the Comment (6) column.
    This is similar to the situation when an employee forgets to punch out at the end of their shift. More about approving punch clock entries, here.

  • For employees with no Punch Clock entries on the day

    Collect their start and end times.
    Go to Schedule, find the shift, click on it and edit both the start and end times on the Edit Shift view.
    You can approve the shift from the same view, by using the Approve toggle, on the right side or by selecting the Shift from the Schedule.


What time are maintenance windows usually scheduled?

  • Monday evening, between 11:00 PM and 00:30 AM CET

How will I be affected?

Planday will be unavailable during the maintenance window.
This might include Punch Clock, the Planday app, or the Kiosk app.

Where can I get more information?

You will receive a message in Planday with more details about any scheduled maintenance that will involve your portal.

You can also keep an eye on our status page, for real-time updates.

Should any problems occur you can always browse our Help center for answers or reach out to our support team (message icon in the bottom right corner).

Thanks for bearing with us while we improve Planday!

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